Complex categories of spending often require a strategic range of programs, solutions, action and capabilities to effectively manage a wide variety of areas that typically elude the enterprise eye.

Travel and entertainment expense management has become an area of spending that is crucial to enterprises across the globe; business travel is a core component of meeting corporate goals.


Employees are increasing smartphone usage for businesses, and T&E management “on-the-go” is becoming a best practice. Mobile management can help improve policy compliance, faster reporting times, and lower expense-processing costs.

Aberdeen advises how switching to mobile management can improve your expense-reporting process.


모바일 경비처리는 기존PC환경 보다 성능 측면에서 우수한 결과를 얻었습니다.

- 경비처리 규정 준수 측면에서 84%로 PC환경의 76%보다 8% 우수했고,

- 한개의 전표 처리 시간 역시 14.7분으로 기존 20.6분 보다 5.9초 빨라졌다.

- 보고서 처리 비용 역시 16.03$로 기존 26.86$ㅂㅎ다 10.83$ 절약되었다..