성공적인 경비지출관리시스템은 7가지의 핵심요소를 가지고 있어야 합니다.

1. End-to-end automation
: Enforce compliance and avoid errors – from booking to reimbursement

2. Back-office integration
: Connecting your data saves time, reduces cost, and gives you greater visibility

3. Cloud-based access
: A single, on-demand platform keeps the process moving smoothly – with no maintenance worries

4. Mobility
: Manage expenses as they happen, and keep the approvals chain moving

5. Personal/Company card integration
: Record transactions automatically, reducing error and enforcing compliance

6. Big picture analytics
: Real-time visibility into organization-wide spending lets you forecast accurately

7. Deep dive expense auditing
: Drill down to the details and spot non-compliance when it happens

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